October 20, 2023

NSP establishes Technology Excellence Group, for Generative AI

NSP has taken a significant leap forward in Artificial Intelligence (AI) service to enhance its Digital IT Services provider role. This new group is poised to offer comprehensive Generative AI solutions spanning various domains. Since its inception, NSP has consistently been a pioneer in AI innovation, delivering invaluable support to its clients. We have recently completed generative AI use cases in Sentiment Analysis, Enterprise ChatGDP, and Prediction models. 

With the establishment of this dedicated Generative AI group, NSP is well-positioned to further enhance its role as a Digital IT Services provider. This will result in improved customer experiences, increased operational efficiency, and the delivery of cost-effective, time-efficient services. 

Manoj Kumar Founder and  CEO of NSP, said “We are fully committed to harness the vast opportunities and growth potential within Generative AI. Our establishment of a dedicated Generative AI Group is a pioneering move, setting us apart in the industry. This initiative is poised to  greatly benefit our customers by enabling us to provide precise, comprehensive, and holistic solutions. “