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NS Envision™
(IIOT Platform)

NS Envision™ is an NSP IIOT Solutions that combine NSP deep domain expertise and software innovation. It lets you harvest data in real-time, data-driven decisions for advanced operations. Our portfolio of digital solutions helps organizations automate, optimize their business to achieve new heights of performance & productivity.

ns envision energy

NS Envision™ Energy

NS Envision - Design of online energy management solutions are specifically to address the current challenges of load dispatch centre (LDC) and generic ABT Systems

ns envision platform

NS Envision™ Platform

NS Envision IIoT platform offers the users all the building blocks required to build a solution for business problems

ai using computer vision

NS Envision™ AI using computer Vision technology

We extended our NS Envision™ IIoT platform to integrate computer vision capability for workplace safety, recognize objects in given images, count products on a factory floor or position robots based on visual feedback

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industrial automation solutions

Industrial Automation Solutions

NSPlus Technology provides a complete portfolio of world-class services to ensure the maximum performance of equipment and processes. Our services – from Supplying a vast range of DCS/PLC, instruments, drive, motors and control valve for water service. We have an association with several world-renowned manufacturers. We provide you with efficient and optimized solutions suitable for your requirement.

engineering and comission

Engineering and Commissioning

We provide the users with efficient and optimized solutions suitable for your requirements (PLC, DCS and SCADA), Engineering and Commissioning instruments, electrical turnkey projects, and automation consultancy.

energy platform
Industry Solutions

NS Envision™ Energy Platform

NS Envision™- Online Energy Management & Monitoring Solution for real-time monitoring from an ABT (Availability Based Tariff) meters such as a charge for energy, instantaneous data, single line diagram deviation monitoring and multiple reports as per the CERC ABT regulations in India.