Leverage data for unifying siloed processes

Assisto is your all-encompassing solution! Our platform seamlessly brings together employee data, analytics, onboarding, AI-powered performance management, detailed timesheets, and leave management, providing a unified hub for your HR needs.

Redefine the way you assess, track, and optimize employee performance, gain valuable insights, and access customizable options that grow with your organization's needs.

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Assisto is a feature-rich, cloud-native SaaS solution that brings together a suite of modules and tools to enable data analytics and sentiment analysis, encompassing hiring, resource planning, and asset mapping features.

AI-enabled ATS with Innovative Algorithm

The talent acquisition process is time-consuming and is a sequential process of attracting, screening, and assessing applicants, interviewing, selecting, and onboarding new hires.

Transform your hiring process with AI automation, leveraging data analysis for smarter recruitment and enhancing organizational compatibility.


AI-enabled Innovative Performance Management

Elevate your performance management with Assisto, transforming it from a mere administrative task into a strategic asset that fosters a culture of exceptional performance. Our platform offers objective, data-driven insights, providing a comprehensive view of employee performance.

Assisto implements a transparent, data-centric performance evaluation system aligned with your company's vision and mission. It ensures goal alignment through live scorecards generated by an innovative AI algorithm to gauge Employee performance. These dynamic scorecards highlight top performers' scores for specific roles while safeguarding individual details and identifying areas for continuous improvement.

Using the "Assisto-communication-sentiment" model, our platform analyzes emotions in text data, categorizing sentiments. Applied to employee feedback and reviews from diverse sources, it gauges employee satisfaction, identifies potential issues, and tracks sentiment trends over time.

Employee Data and Analytics

A central hub for managing data and gaining insights across the entire employee journey, from recruitment to offboarding including performance management.


Employee Net Promoter Score

Enhance the loyalty and engagement of your employees by measuring and tracking them, strengthening relationships, and ultimately boosting overall satisfaction.

Time Sheet Management

Create project time sheets effortlessly and manage multiple projects effectively with seamless project and shadow resource allocation within each project.


Optimized Resource Allocation for Increased Efficiency

utomate resource allocation and planning by garnering in-depth insights in real-time about resources assigned to each project, their skills, and competencies.

Report Generation

Assisto empowers efficient report generation, providing insightful summaries of key human resource metrics. This capability supports informed decision-making and strategic workforce management.



Here are a few impactful benefits of Assisto

Liberating Individuals to Achieve Greatness
Cultivating a Culture, Policies, and People Practices that Unleash Organizational Excellence & Granting Employees the Power to Thrive as Valued Contributors, Not Just Assets
Streamlining Operations with Single Platform Solutions
Assisto platform provides a holistic solution for a comprehensive approach that streamlines operations within a single platform
AI-Powered Insights
Assisto leverages AI and machine learning, for data-driven insights, to enable informed decision-making.
Seamless Adoption, Effortless Utilization
Making Your Experience Smooth and Simple
Enhanced Visibility and Tracking
Assisto offers real-time tracking of resources and employee performance, providing visibility for informed strategic planning.
Efficiency and Optimization
By automating tasks Assisto boosts operational efficiency, allowing teams to focus on higher-value activities.

Improved Employee Experience
Assisto enhances employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction, fostering a positive work environment.

Use Cases

AI-enabled employee performance management solutions boast versatility, catering to organizations of diverse sizes and structures. Their customizable nature allows tailoring to meet the unique needs and objectives of each organization.

In performance management of workforce across a wide array of industry sectors.


AI identifies areas where employees may need additional training, allowing organizations to address skill gaps effectively.  


AI identifies high-potential employees and offers targeted training and development to nurture leadership and other critical skills.


Identifying and nurturing high-potential employees helps in building a pipeline of future leaders within the organization.


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