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Dive into the world of industrial security with NSP's Biometric security solutions, uncovering advancements in MFA, Access Control, and RFID technologies. Meet you at Bangalore Tech Summit Stall.

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Dates:29th Nov to 01st Dec 2023

Location: Bangalore Palace, Bangalore


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Bengaluru Tech Summit 2023!

NSP’s bouquet of Biometric Technology

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Uncover, Interpret, and Convey Valuable Patterns and Insights from Data
Application Development
Tailored software solutions for user and business needs
Biometric Technology
Cutting-edge solutions that use unique physical or behavioral traits for secure authentication and identification
Business Operations
The core activities and processes that drive a company's day-to-day functioning and success
Scalable online solutions for efficient data storage, management, and flexible software access
Cyber Security
Protection and defense against digital threats, safeguarding data, systems, and privacy
An organized repository for storing and managing structured data, enabling efficient retrieval and analysis
IT Infrastature
The foundation of hardware, software, and networks that support an organization's technology operations
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Bringing Intelligence to Devices

Harnessing the potential of Edge computing, we bring NSP Envision™ IoT Edge—an integrated device local solution for custom logic—to devices or edge nodes. Our approach incorporates an IoT Edge gateway for devices for local processing and IoT nodes for decentralized processing. 

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