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NSP's QA Center of Excellence (CoE) is dedicated to delivering quality assurance expertise, guidance, and services. We bring a systematic approach to your testing needs, helping you achieve excellence in software quality and testing.

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Testing Strategy Approach Advisory and Consulting

Our experts assess testing requirements for your projects and business cases. We define testing services and propose solutions tailored to your needs. We design and implement testing functionality, create onsite/offshore testing organizations, and identify QA environment requirements. Additionally, we develop a strategy for automation testing, leveraging NSP's best practices, assets, and tools.

QA CoE Services

  • Functional Manual Testing and Linguistic Testing

    We provide comprehensive functional testing services, covering the entire testing lifecycle. Our services include designing test activities, creating test cases, scripts, and expected results, workload assessment, test phase management, test planning, test execution, defect management, and non-regression testing.

  • Test Automation (Web, Desktop & Mobile)

    Our experts develop a test automation methodology, estimate the ROI of automated testing, select the appropriate automation toolset, identify tests for automation, create work plans and models, and establish metrics for measuring and managing test automation.

  • Performance Testing

    We offer performance testing services, including baseline response time testing, volume/load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, and throughput testing.

  • Security Testing - Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

    Our security testing services encompass information analysis and planning, false positive removal, manual attack performance, mapping vulnerabilities with risk severity, vulnerability classification, and technical report creation.

Our Approach

  • Testing Tools & Shared Platforms

    We administrate test projects on shared platforms like JIRA, ADO, and provide access to NSP's test information and assets. Our expertise covers tools such as Jira, ADO, ALM, SOAP UI, Rest API, Selenium, UFT, Tosca, Renorax Studio, Jmeter, LoadRunner, Performance Center, UI Path, Appium, Headspin, Perfecto, and Xamarin.

  • A Gradual Approach - From Sharing Processes to Services Utility.
    • Phase 1

      In the initial phase, we establish fundamental policies related to application testing and QA processes, define quality standards, set up reporting procedures, and begin implementing the initial governance process.

    • Phase 2

      QA CoE transforms into a service utility, acting as a central source of services and expertise for the entire organization. It includes a designated QA management office, domain-specific expertise teams, and shared services teams for specialized testing activities and QA practices. We also share regression tests and scripts.

    • Phase 3

      In this phase, we focus on innovation authority and flexible resource pooling. Centralized innovation thinkers drive growth and development. Training and development are essential for a sustainable innovation process.


Embracing our QA CoE can provide various benefits to your organization:
  • Enhance your organization's reputation by reducing live issues and avoiding customer-identified problems.

  • Improve product and service quality by reducing defects in later testing stages.

  • Achieve cost efficiency by reducing long test phases, increasing automation, and enabling earlier defect detection.

  • Ensure optimum resource utilization and faster time to market.

QA CoE Testing streamlines processes, reducing testing time and costs, enhancing product delivery efficiency.
Quality Assurance
Ensure high-quality software through rigorous testing, reducing defects and customer issues.
Harness QA CoE to adopt cutting-edge testing technologies, staying ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape

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