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The retail sector depends on software solutions and products to drive operational innovation, boost efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. E-commerce platforms have revolutionized online sales and elevated the omnichannel shopping experience, while point-of-sale guarantees secure and efficient transactions. Inventory management and CRM has been deployed in most of the retail outlets. With the emergence of data analytics and AI, retailers utilize analytics software for data-driven decision-making, while supply chain management solutions ensure the seamless flow of inventory. Robust cybersecurity software plays a critical role in safeguarding sensitive customer information and transaction integrity.

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Application Development
NSP employs a cutting-edge software engineering approach to develop forward-looking software products, platforms, and IT service solutions. We foster an innovation culture to create customer-centric products and experiences.
Data Analytics and AI
We design and build key platform components with AI data analytics that enable businesses to make data-driven decisions, enhance operational efficiency, personalize customer experiences, optimize processes, and improve predictive maintenance.
Computer Vision
We extended our NS Envision™ IIoT platform to integrate computer vision capability for workplace safety, recognize objects in given images, count products on a factory floor or position robots based on visual feedback.
Cloud Security
With increasing cloud migration, the security of data, applications, and infrastructure in cloud environments is paramount. Our service focuses on preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of cloud-based resources, providing robust defense against cyber threats and data breaches.

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