NSP IoT Edge Architecture

NPS Envision IoT Edge Platform is highly reliable, scalable, and secure platform. The platform is capable of building end to end value chains. Our IoT platform is very flexible and configurable to build industry specific application. Below figure shows the architecture. It comprises of IoT Edge, Device Management, Contextualization Hub, Data Analytics, Knowledge Hub and different vertical application

The IoT edge provides an On-premise solution for connects, compute, and storage. It has ability to connect with industrial field devices and system using Open Protocols as well as using proprietary communication interface The Edge solution is fully managed solution. It is managed by central components which can be hosted anywhere, whether it a public cloud, private cloud or On-Premise Servers. There are many pre-built connectors such OPC UA , Modbus, CANbus, to connect with industrial devices and systems.

  • Device Management: The device management is part of Central components. It manages the IoT Edge Gateway and its application remotely. The key features of Device Management components are Edge Gateway provisioning, Remote Application deployment, Remote Application configuration, Remote development of AI/ML components, Dashboard, Notification and reporting services deployment.

  • Contextualization Hub: The Contextualization Hub normalized the device and system data semantically that are coming from industrial devices and system connected to the Edge. The edge is connected to various kinds of devices and system. The data format of each device and system are different, however semantically same or co-related. The Contextualization Hub semantically organises the data based on relevance with the Applications.

  • Data Analytics Layer: Data Analytics and processing is key part of digital application. Our NPS Envison platform provides an intelligent and seamless platform to develop models, Digital Twins applications, model training server. The trainer model can be saved and remotely published to any of the edge instance. This helps us to build On Premise AI/ML applications on the edge.

  • Knowledge Hub : The Knowledge Hub layer provides different services to query the device data, creating notification and reporting workflow customized for end application as different required specific data for their applications.

  • Vertical Applications: Our platform provides pre-built configurable end user applications for different verticals.