April 30, 2024

NSPlus Technology launched Aikya, the face recognition device for the security of the connected world. 

Event: Unveiling NSP Aikya, an AI face recognition device
Date: 20th April 2024
Location: The Sheraton Grand Hotel, Brigade Towers, Bangalore, Karnataka

We are proud to unveil “Aikya a revolutionary AI-enabled, face-recognition device”, that can be effortlessly deployed to secure physical and digital assets.  With this launch, we are poised to revolutionize access control and authentication systems across the connected world marking a significant advancement in our ongoing commitment to innovation and adaptability, across our product range.   

Aikya harnesses state-of-the-art advancements to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Equipped with advanced facial recognition algorithms, it guarantees high-speed and precise identification, even in the most challenging environments. Moreover, the device features multimodal authentication capabilities, including face, fingerprint, and RFID options, ensuring enhanced security measures tailored to diverse needs. 

In addition, our device offers dual verification for high-security applications, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access attempts. Furthermore, it boasts multiple connectivity options and seamless integration with existing IT systems and building infrastructure, allowing for effortless deployment and enhanced compatibility across various environments. 

Diverse applications include Securing physical locations and digital assets, Time and Attendance management, and Visitor management. 

 Key Points: 

  • High user and template capacity with 50,000 user profiles, 200,000 face templates and an Event log capacity of 500,000. 
  • Delivers recognition speed of less than 0.01 sec 
  • Utilizes liveness detection for high accuracy and to ensure the detected face is real  
  • A 5-inch durable and scratch-resistant display screen with 200W Colorful Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology for enhanced image quality,  
  • Supports high recognition accuracy within 2.5 mts up to 5 users. 

Impact on NSP :

The launch of Aikya face recognition device enhances NSP’s reputation as an innovative leader within the security technology space. By introducing cutting-edge products, NSP demonstrates its commitment to pushing boundaries in addressing evolving security needs. It opens opportunities for NSP to expand its product portfolio, attract new customers, and increase market share. It encourages NSP to continuously innovate and improve its products to stay ahead of competitors. NSP Customers stand to benefit from the heightened security provided by advanced technology. 

Conclusion : The launch of our face recognition device represents a significant milestone in our journey to providing complete security solutions. Its advanced features and capabilities promise to enhance security measures across the manufacturing sector, corporate offices, private residences and government facilities. We are excited about the potential impact of this innovation and look forward to continuing our mission of delivering innovative solutions. 

About NSP : We are a global technology company specializing in digital transformation for industries and technology providers. We offer Product Engineering services and solutions leveraging disruptive technologies such as IoT, Biometrics, AI, Cloud, and Security. 

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