June 27, 2024

NSPlus Technology Wins National MSME Awards 2024 for Excellence in Product Innovation (MSE)

Event: World MSME Day, National MSME Award 2024 ceremony 

Date:  27-Jun-2024 

Location: Capitol Hotel Bangalore, Karnataka. 

We are honored to receive the prestigious National MSME Awards 2024 in the “Excellence in Product Innovation (MSE)” category for our NSP Envision Energy Solutions during the World MSME Day celebration on 27th June 2024, at Capitol Hotel Bangalore. The award is instituted by The Global Council for The Promotion of International Trade (GCPIT), in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (CIMSME). 

This award recognizes our excellence in product innovation harnessing cutting-edge IoT and AI in designing NSP Envision Energy efficiency solutions that create energy by saving it, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Our specialized products and solutions for energy management include NSP Envision™ IoT Edge, which seamlessly connects with devices to become intelligent assets remotely monitored for asset-level insights, and NSP Envision™ IoT Insights, which provides real-time data generation and analytics. Coupled with the NSP Envision IoT Platform, a predictive analytical platform, NSP Envision Energy offers formidable, tailored solutions for monitoring and managing energy consumption and equipment maintenance across various industrial sectors.  

Key Points :

  • NSP Envision Energy has been honored with the Excellence in Product Innovation award among 36 categories, underscoring its pioneering solutions. 
  • This accolade celebrates visionary MSME leaders who inspire future generations through innovative contributions to the manufacturing economy. 
  • It recognizes the role of enablers—organizations that empower MSMEs with technology, financing, and expertise—and applauds NSP Envision Energy for its innovative products prioritizing energy efficiency, aiming for Net Zero emissions, and promoting sustainable practices. 
  • The award also honors the resilience of micro, small, and medium enterprises, acknowledging their significant role in global economies and sustainable development, with NSP leading the industry. 

Benefits to NSP : 

The Excellence in Product Innovation award will be a significant milestone that validates NSP’s leadership in driving innovation and excellence within the MSME ecosystem. It enhances NSP’s reputation as an innovative leader within the Energy Management technology space and enhances its credibility within the industry. It serves as external validation of NSP Envision Energy’s cutting-edge solutions and commitment to innovation. This recognition may attract new clients and partners who value innovation and sustainability, expanding NSP’s market reach. Internally, the award will boost employee morale and motivation, reinforcing a culture of excellence and innovation. 

Our CEO, Mr. Manoj Kumar, took the stage as a distinguished industry speaker at the GCPIT event where he delivered an insightful talk titled “Create Energy by Saving Energy.” His presentation ignited meaningful discussions on global energy sustainability, emphasizing the vital importance of energy efficiency. Mr. Manoj Kumar underscored the necessity of innovation in this field for a sustainable future. His leadership and vision continually inspire our commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance energy efficiency and sustainability. 

This recognition highlights our dedication to excellence and innovation in NSP Envision Energy solutions and acknowledges our achievements, reflecting our hard work, creativity, and commitment to pushing boundaries. This may open doors to collaborations, funding opportunities, and further recognition within the MSME and energy sectors.

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