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NSP's Service Inside is a game-changing AI-enabled field service management solution designed to revolutionize field service operations. This cutting-edge platform combines the power of artificial intelligence to empower organizations to enhance their efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver superior customer service.

Our comprehensive AI-enabled solution offers a unified platform for seamless connectivity across your entire workforce, ensuring swift and intelligent field service operations. It boasts advanced AI capabilities for work order management, inventory management, and asset tracking.

One of its standout features is intelligent scheduling and routing, which automates the assignment of tasks to the most suitable technician based on location and skills. This smart allocation ensures that service appointments are optimized, minimizing travel time, and maximizing productivity.

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Service Inside, a cloud-based service execution software comes with the following key features:

Real-time Asset Management
Empower service technicians with instant access to customer information, asset details, parts inventory, warranty data, and call resolution information.
Cloud-Based Operation
A comprehensive, cloud-based management software designed for single or multiple branches/locations, with tracking of call logs and inventory data at the branch level, all viewable at the Head Office, along with integrated KPI tracking.
Efficient Service Engineering Management
Field technicians can expedite call log/work completion, allowing for efficient location-based assignment, and saving both time and costs.
Streamlined Call Log Management
Call logs and work orders can be automatically generated from email requests, and subsequently assigned to field technicians.
Work Status Transparency
Office and field technicians can effortlessly create and search call logs, facilitating prompt invoicing or customer notifications upon completion, and ensuring timely work status updates.
Enhanced Engineers Workflow
Seamless assignment of call logs to field technicians, who can provide real-time work status updates via their mobile app, enabling comprehensive workflow monitoring.


Service Inside is an advanced field service management solution that benefits Service Managements business.

  • Ensures Inventory Accuracy

  • Streamlines Service Engineer Workflow for efficient workforce management

  • Reduces Service Costs, Saving Time and Money

  • Enhances Office-to-Field Communication

  • Provides Real-time Call Status Analysis

  • Analyzes Field Staff Skills and Real-time Locations

  • Boosts Service Productivity

  • Elevates Customer Service and Fosters Loyalty

  • Manages Warranty Information Effectively

  • Increases Productivity and Streamlines Workflow

Use Cases

Manufacturers can utilize these solutions to maintain and repair machinery and equipment on the production floor. This minimizes downtime, increases equipment lifespan, and enhances production efficiency.


Utility companies can use field service management to schedule and dispatch technicians for routine maintenance, repairs, and outage responses.


Telecommunication providers rely on field service solutions to manage network installations, repairs, and upgrades. They can optimize technician routes and reduce downtime, leading to improved customer satisfaction.


In the transportation sector, these solutions help manage vehicle maintenance, optimize routes for deliveries and pickups, and track shipments in real time.


Retailers can use field service management to support installation, repair, and maintenance services for customers who purchase appliances, electronics, or other products.


The oil and gas industry relies on these solutions for asset management, preventive maintenance, and emergency response to ensure the safe and efficient operation of drilling sites and pipelines.


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