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What problem we solve

NS Envision-Design of online energy management solutions is specifically to address the current challenges of load dispatch centre (LDC) and generic ABT systems such as :

  • Unscheduled deviation from the power generation schedule incurs considerable penalties (termed UI charges now DSM charges).
  • Real-time changes in schedule, grid frequency, and dynamic plant operations need real-time ABT calculations.
  • Lack of advanced integrated systems and monitoring systems to closely monitor the ex-bus output of the plant.
  • The ABT calculations are complex and are to be evaluated quickly every second to provide quick information for operators.
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How It Helps

NS Envision™ - Online Energy Management & Monitoring Solution

  • Keep the balance between real-time energy sent out and the schedule of power generating stations.
  • Real-time ABT calculations and provide dashboards with the key guidelines to manage the Ex-Bus generation with respect to DSM regulations.
  • Multiple reportings as per the central and state ABT regulations, under DSM mechanism in India.
  • Generates and share automatic detailed ABT Reports by email.
  • Sending notifications and alerts by SMS, email, and third party product in case of anomalies and huge penalties for quick response.
  • AI Capability for load forecasting
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How it works

how it works
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Key Features

3rd Party Software Integrations

Data Plugins

Keep the balance between real-time energy sent out and the schedule of power generating stations.

Instant Alerts and Situation Awareness

Rule Engine

Add conditional and complex business logic to your hardware with triggered SMS, Email, WhatsApp and slack alerts to keep operators on the ball and informed.

Control the Access

User & Role Management

Assign permissions and restrictions to any end-user or operator who interacts with dashboards, devices, and events.

Data at your fingertips

On the GO

The mobile view keeps the users informed and empowered, consistently making data-driven decisions for improving production. Today, data is at your fingertips while you can access your applications from any handled device and stay informed when on the go.