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NS Envision™ Platform

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What problem we solve

NSP builds the solution offerings by leveraging our versatile Industry IoT platform and ecosystem. It assures that the use case you show, will be realized and be production-ready quicker time by NS Envision. IIoT platform offers you all the building blocks required to build your solution for the business problem by using our platform

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How it works

envision platform
ns envision dashboard

NS Envision™ Dashboard

NS Envision™ Dashboard is the fastest and the easiest way to automate business insights. NS Envision™ Dashboard team unlocking actionable insights from your siloed business data is a critical component of making better-informed decisions. NS Envision™ Dashboard allows you to easily create intuitive charts, reports, and KPI dashboards to ensure that everyone on your team is always on the same page.

ns envision data analytics

NS Envision™ Data Analytics

Analyzing production and other relevant data and generating added value with NS Envision™ data analytics, we offer customers an individual service, from the data analysis to comprehensive prediction models, by combining our domain expertise with extensive software and data.

ns snvision data router

NS Envision™ Data Router

Using the NS Envision™ Data Router feature, any tag data can be a source and its values can also be a destination. The NS Envision™ Data Route allows an NS Synch Service to transfer values from any tag to any tag along with its value. Use NS Envision™ Data Router when you need to transfer data from local/remote to remote/local. It automatically synchronizes the tag values written to the data source defined in that tag.

ns envision softedge

NS Envision™ SoftEdge

NS Envision™ solution for Industry-4.0 is to monitor in real-time the energy exchange points and parameters of the different stakeholders in the system. Special Energy Meters (SEMs) that are ABT complaints are placed at the grid interface points within the region.