NSP Envision™ IoT Insights: Run Your Operations Smarter

NPS Envision IoT Edge and Insights provides powerful, secure, reliable industry 4.0 compliant Industrial Grade IoT solution to enable digitalization across industries. Our solution is future ready, and fully compliant with 5G technology.

The foundation of the solution is built with ensuring flexibility and scalability at every level. Because we understand Digitalization is not the destination, it is a journey for continuous improvement of efficiency and optimization of cost and downtime. With our solution, you start the journey of digitalization step by step, realize the value of digitalization, and then expand the solution to optimize the performance and enhance the productivity and quality.

NSP offering OEMs the potential for new business models, increased spare parts revenue, reduced maintenance costs, and improved maintenance efficiency .

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Industrial AI relies on data for innovation and efficiency, requiring robust cybersecurity measures

Enhancing insight

Data visibility drives AI-powered optimization and smart decision-making

Adopting digital transformation

AI boosts efficiency and innovation; the right partnership accelerates digital transformation

Seamless integration

A reliable partner streamlines OT and ES integration

Promoting sustainability

Advanced analytics reduce energy waste, boost profits, and improve sustainability

Empowering digital transformation for operational efficiency and competitive advantage



The NSP approach is rooted in simplicity, streamlining the entire process from data capture in the field to data analysis through communications and historical data within a tailored HMI (Human-Machine Interface) concept.

Our integration of IoT and data analytics seamlessly fits into existing toolsets and IT infrastructures. Sensors are effortlessly integrated with the control system for data capture, and established fieldbuses facilitate communication through standard protocols, ensuring seamless cloud data exchange.

This simplicity yields significant advantages, including cost reduction, minimized effort, and shorter training periods. It boosts operations by optimizing uptime and sustainability through analytics, accurate modeling, and real-time decision support.

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A Solutions Specific to You

We believe that solutions should align with a clear business case. That's why we've developed a modular, adaptable, and open offering. You can effortlessly choose the services that best suit your specific goals.

Driving Business Value:

Smart Energy Management
Manufacturing facility successfully reduces its energy consumption and operational costs. They can now make data-driven decisions to optimize energy use, schedule maintenance when needed, and ensure equipment operates at peak efficiency.
OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Monitoring
IoT platforms can significantly enhance OEE in manufacturing by providing real-time insights, enabling predictive maintenance, and driving continuous improvement.
Predictive Maintenance
IoT platforms add substantial value to the manufacturing sector by optimizing operations, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiency and safety.
Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring using IoT platforms across industries, from asset management to environmental monitoring and beyond, offering real-time insights and operational control from anywhere.
Asset Tracking
IoT is used to track the location and condition of assets, such as vehicles, containers, and equipment, to optimize logistics and reduce theft.
Environmental Monitoring
IoT sensors can collect data on air quality, water quality, and other environmental parameters for research and pollution control.

How it Works

Transforming Plant Efficiency Through a 5-Step Real-Time Optimization Process


Drill Down Dashboard: Offers an intuitive, web-based interface that provides complete visibility and control over your manufacturing operations, spanning from the plant level down to individual devices. It also facilitates the monitoring of associated KPIs and parameters while streamlining configuration and management.

Data Management: Oversees the data collection process, defines the data transfer routes, manages data processing, and determines data storage locations.

Alarm & Event Function: This feature notifies users of alarms and events generated by the control system. It includes tasks such as activating email alerts or forwarding data to other applications for immediate and targeted response.

Database: Empowers flexible and secure data storage in various formats, sourced from multiple origins, and with the scalability to accommodate rapidly growing data volumes.

APIs: Provides both inbound and outbound APIs, leveraging standard IoT protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS and MQTT/MQTTS. This simplifies the integration with diverse devices and applications.



The integration of IoT and Data Analytics within NSP Envision™ IoT Insights provides a competitive advantage, ushering in a more intelligent, data-centric future that benefits end-users and machine manufacturers alike.

Energy Savings
IoT-enabled devices in the home, such as smart thermostats and energy-efficient lighting, can help customers reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.
Enhanced Productivity
In business and industrial settings, IoT can improve efficiency and productivity by automating tasks and providing real-time data for decision-making.
Cost Reduction
IoT can lead to cost savings in various ways, such as optimizing supply chain management, reducing maintenance costs through predictive maintenance, and improving energy efficiency.
Better Decision-Making
The data collected by IoT devices provides customers with insights they can use to make more informed decisions. For example, a farmer can make data-driven decisions to improve crop yield, or a commuter can choose the best route based on real-time traffic data.
IoT-enabled solutions in agriculture, energy management, and transportation contribute to sustainability by optimizing resource use and reducing waste.
Asset Tracking
IoT is used to track the location and condition of assets, such as vehicles, containers, and equipment, to optimize logistics and reduce theft.

Use Cases

The transformative potential of IoT and data analytics can improve efficiency, enhance decision-making, and drive innovation across various industries and sectors.

IoT Sensors capture real-time data, and integrate with control systems data analytic capabilities to leverage this data and historical data to predict equipment maintenance requirements, reducing downtime and extending the lifespan of assets.


Data analytics process data from IoT sensors on traffic lights, cameras, and vehicles to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance safety for efficient Traffic Management.


IoT-connected devices and data analytics optimize energy distribution, improve grid reliability, and enable demand-response programs for more efficient energy consumption.


Asset Tracking IoT sensors on shipments and vehicles provide real-time tracking and monitoring of goods, improving supply chain visibility, and reducing losses.


IoT-connected inventory systems track stock levels in real-time, reducing out-of-stock instances and optimizing inventory turnover making Inventory Management and field service management easy.


Equipment control uses IoT devices and data analytics to enable remote control and monitoring of equipment in hazardous environments, enhancing safety and efficiency.


Fraud Detection harnesses Data analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze transaction data to detect and prevent fraudulent activities in real time.


Case Studies



When you choose NSP you get

Unified IT and Operational Technology Expertise: NSP harnesses its unique background as both an Automation and Software Technology services provider, with extensive experience in industrial automation. This equips us to have a deep understanding of both the IT and OT domains, offering the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to deliver truly effective IoT solutions.

Simplified Complex Project Management: As seasoned IoT solution integrators, we excel in managing intricate projects. We adeptly handle multiple data sources, guaranteeing the seamless integration of our IoT platform with your backend systems, resulting in a tailored and fully functional solution.

Comprehensive Support: NSP offers complete life-cycle management, bridging resource and skills gaps, allowing you to concentrate on areas where your IoT solution can bring the most value to your business. Through our managed IoT solutions, we empower your business while providing you with the assurance that you are in capable hands.


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